Dog Training Centre

We offer a few different causes here at the online school of the Canine Psycho-therapy Centre.

Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes is a place where you can find all the planning and mindsets leading up to getting a puppy. It also goes into the training of your puppy. This class finished at the age of 6 months.

What to expect from Puppy Classes?

  • Planning for the puppy
  • Food and the importance of good food
  • Introducing the puppy
  • Crate training
  • Sit training
  • Down training
  • Recalls
  • walking on leads
  • Redirection and its importance in positive training foundations

Canine Psychology Consultations

The Canine Psychology Consultations will give you the foundation to understand your dogs and why they do what they do as well as give you ways to fix there undesirable actions or habits

What does this Class offer?

  • Identification of issues, what causes them and how to work with them
  • How dogs read our moods and body language
  • How to read a dogs body language and what they are telling us
  • How dogs understand attention, both positive and negative
  • Unconsious and conscious conditioning and how it effects our dogs
  • Therapy options for dogs and their problems
  • Case history with opinionated explications for you to read and question

Online Canine Behaviourist report

Helping you with your specific behavioural issues. We put together a report containing all your information, the symptoms/behaviours that are evident, the reason for those behaviours, and how to work through them.

How it works?

  1. Click here and fill out the form that follows.
  2. Send an email with a video of the behaviour that is undesirable (keep in mind we need to be able to see as much of the dogs behaviour as possible to understand the cause of it.)
  3. We will send you more in-depth questions to fill in the blank spaces
  4. After all this we put together all the information and send you the problem, symptoms, cause and solutions.