Emotional Amplifiers

Dogs. Dogs are amazing for many reasons but the reason i am discussing today is their ability to pick up on subtleties and enhance them for us to notice and take action.

On our trip last trip we spent a lot of time in the car and camping. My dogs and i usually share a very close bubble but having my girlfriend with us made many things more obvious to me, as i was having to teach her.

The most evident times when my dogs show me what i cant see is usually with the encounting of strangers. They manage to sense the intentions and energies of the people we meet and they act very differently with everyone. This is very easy to start understanding and is one of the first things we teach here at C.P.T.C, Their Body language.

Dogs can act in 2 different ways, Reflection or Reaction.

Reflection – is when the dog sees and acts in the same way as their subject of interest.

Reaction – is when the dog acts in the opposite way of their subject.

This may seem obvious but we are not talking about the face value of the subject but rather their energy that they carry.

A Friendly man smiling and laughing comes to say hello to your dog, and your dog is terrified, this may be because the man is overly dominant or aggressive by nature. Or the man is really scared of dogs and is trying to over compensate for his fear. To your eyes you see a friendly face but the dog doesn’t have the criteria we do for judgment.

My main secret to talking to dogs is not listening to what they say, but rather whatching what they do in certain environments.




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