The affect of playing with a dog on the human mind

The affect of dogs on our minds, bodies and souls is priceless. Sometimes we just need to experience what unconditional love feels like.

There has been many cases where dogs are considered a negative aspect of social life. After traveling thousands of kilometers and meeting many different people with different opinions we have seen the problems in this world today.

Dogs have the ability to change the world. They make people smile. They create conversations with strangers that would have never spoken to you before. They have the power to bring so many different people together and they do this by their ability to love unconditionally.

Lets face it, who doesn’t like giving a friendly dog a hug or pat?

Taking what we have seen over the last 40 000 kilometers of travelling, we are developing the perfect program to give people the opportunity to create a companion dog, that is not just well behaved but serves the specific person a heart beat to look after and love.

They say the best therapy is to spend time outside doing what makes you smile. Well a dog is then the best type of therapy.

Canine Psych-Theraphy Center is breaking ground with programs that will change psychology as we know it. img_3340

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